Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Weekly Savings at Walmart - $173.23

Holy Smokes!  I just added up my savings from the weekend shopping.  I saved $79.09 on PM and $94.14 in coupons for a total of $173.23!  I shopped the Mineral Wells and Weatherford stores this week.   My coupon total was good because I scored 6 of the Allegra $7 coupons.  I also got Colgate for $0.25,  and a couple of the Reach Floss for free.  I took advantage of the Albertsons M&M sale and stocked up on Capri Sun, Wheat Thins and Ritz Crackers.  I scored Duncan Hines Cake Mixes for $.53 cents by PM Metro and then using a coupon.  (Great donate price!) 

 One of the best deals I got was from the Tom Thumb $5 Friday Specials.  If you live near a Walmart that matches Tom Thumb, you should really be taking advantage of this!  Buitoni Ravioli Meals are reg $8.12 - I matched for $5 and then had a $2 off coupon to make them $3 each.  That is a savings of $5.12 ea - I got 2.  The Stouffers Family Size Lasagna is normally $7.24 - I matched for $5 and then had a $2 coupon for those also to make them $3 ea.  That's a savings of $4.24 ea and I bought 2.  Just by PM and using coupons on 4 items I saved $18.72!  WOW!  I wish I could shop Weatherford every Friday!  Unfortunately our Mineral Wells Walmart is too far away from Tom Thumb to be considered "local".  Oh well!  We can PM The Marketplace from Jacksboro.  By PM them I took advantage of the flour for $.99, the hot dogs for $.50, cream cheese for $.98 and the shredded cheese for $1.50.  I also took advantage of some produce sales.  

A lot of you ask how long it takes me to get ready to shop.  I didn't have all my coupons cut and I printed some so it took me about 1hr to get my "game plan" ready.  Is it worth it?  $173.23 in savings....YOU TELL ME!

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