Saturday, July 2, 2011

Weekly Savings - $74.55!!!

Well, I did my weekly shopping today and my total savings was $74.55!  $31.17 from price matching and $43.38 in coupons!  I even scored some hand lotions for free!  I love using my coupons to get those little travel sizes free!  What can I say, I am easily amused!  As you can see, it is just everyday items.  (I forgot to put the toilet paper in the pic.)

You know how sometimes you are just craving some chocolate?  I got these for $0.25 ea.  I put them in the fridge so they won't be easily seen and just devoured in one day....
I have teenagers!
 These are sample lotions that I got free....well actually 3 cents overage on each!
 I price matched the shredded cheese at $1.58.  It was $2.48
 If you have never tried the Lloyds Barbeque, it's really good and there is almost always a coupon out there.  It makes for a really quick supper!

My biggest savers this week Kraft Shredded Cheese, Scott Toilet Paper, Diet Depper, Diet Coke and Captain Crunch Cereal.  NEVER pay full price for cereal or sodas!  These are always on sale somewhere!  The Diet Coke was $4.28 and the Dr. Pepper was $4.38.   I price matched both at $2.47 - thats almost $2 off a twelve pack!  

Captain Crunch Cereal was $2.48.  I price matched at $1.59 and had a coupon for 50 off, so they were only $1.09 ea!  That's stock up price.  I bought 5 boxes.  

They key to saving is to 1) Price Match it, 2) Use A Coupon, and 3) Stock Up!

I could have gotten C&H Sugar, 4lb bag for $1.64 a bag!!  Price match at $2.18 and then use my 50 cent coupon.  I have a pretty good stash of sugar, so I passed this one up!

I honestly don't understand why anyone would not want to do this!  I saved $31.17 without cutting any coupons and with my Price Match Report, it couldn't be easier!  You have nothing to loose and money to gain!

I am working on a referral program, so stay tuned for that.

Did you price match this week?  Tell us, just post a comment below, or you can leave a comment on my Facebook Page!

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