Monday, June 6, 2011

My Savings This Week

I hope that you took advantage of this weeks Price Match Report.  I thought I would try each week to show what I saved and bought.

This week I saved $29.67* by price matching and $19.30 in coupons for a total of $48.97.  Not my best, by definitely nothing to sneeze at!  This is what I bought:
Item Was Matched at Coupon Qty Total Saved
Coca Cola 12pk $4.28 $2.98
2 $5.96 $2.60
Oscar My Deli Shaved Meats $3.28 $2.98 $0.50 2 $4.96 $1.60
Oatmeal Crisp Cereal $3.78 $1.50 $0.33 3 $3.51 $7.83
Vine Tomatoes $1.98 $0.88
1.73 $1.52 $1.90
Zest Soap $2.42 $1.50 $1.00 4 $2.00 $7.68
Knorr Side Dish $1.00 $0.88 $0.25 6 $3.78 $2.22
Zatarains Side Dish $1.62 $0.88 $0.38 10 $5.00 $11.20
Totinos Pizza $1.25 $0.88 $0.20 16 $10.88 $9.12

$37.61 $44.15

I had coupons for several other items that I did not price match.  *Even if I had not used coupons I would have saved $29.67.  The key to saving is to price match and then use a coupon for that same product.  Since the boys are home for the summer all the pizzas will be gone in less than 2 weeks.  Paul loves Zatarains!  It is a fast and easy dinner!  We usually fix 2 at a time so 10 isn't really that many.

Did you save anything?  Place a comment below and let me know!

You still have one more day (Tues) for the current report.   Remember that the matching for Walgreens, CVS and the Dollar Stores changes on Sunday so they are no longer good.  New report will be available on Thursday.

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